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  • Helps Achieve Higher Free Testosterone Levels in Men
  • Amplifies Libido & Sexual Function
  • Encourages a Favorable Anabolic to Catabolic Environment
  • Increases Physical & Mental Energy

    TESTED is a clinically dosed free testosterone and libido supporting formula. It utilizes fully disclosed patented LJ100 material in a dosage that is unmatched in this industry. LJ100 has demonstrated the ability to significantly raise free testosterone levels in human clinical trials. Testosterone functions as a highly anabolic hormone in the body that regulates the rate of muscle you can build as well as your libido. Documented benefits of taking a clinical dose of LJ100 are an increase in lean body mass, enhanced sexual function, improved sports performance, more energy, better mood and greater overall wellbeing.

    Each serving of TESTED provides the research-backed 200mg dose LJ100, which is far above the competition, especially considering the quality and strength of the extract! You’ll also get 100mg Boron Citrate to further support testosterone production, libido, energy, and recovery.

    If building muscle and supporting strong sexual health is your desire, clinically dosed TESTED will deliver beyond any natural expectation.


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